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career advice courses Jul 01, 2021

When online courses first became available, they were primarily short hobby type courses. Now many institutes and universities offer online versions of their courses, allowing you to complete entire diplomas and degrees on the internet.  

The benefits of online courses for students are well known - flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!  You can progress your knowledge and career without giving up your full-time job. You can pursue your interests without disruption to your family life.  

But how will employers view your online qualification?

Because online courses are now mainstream, employers view them much more favourably. They recognise the value of your qualification and the skills you have developed while pursuing them.

In fact, many even promote online courses to their staff to improve their skills and develop their knowledge.   To your employee it shows you have the following important attributes:  

You are resourceful and determined -  Students who take up an online course are driven to succeed. They are seeking progression and promotion, or a complete change of career, but may be unable to pursue a qualification full-time in the traditional way. They may have work and family commitments, or location limitations. When difficulties arise many people sit back and give up, but the online student has found a way to achieve his or her goal.  To employers, taking an online course demonstrates that you're a self-starter full of initiative.  You're driven, you're passionate, you're determined and you're resourceful. You've advanced your skills and developed your expertise without the guiding hand of in-person classes and teachers. You've demonstrated that you can work independently and also collaborate online with your peers. All qualities that are highly sought after by employers.  

You have great time management skills - Taking an online course requires outstanding time management skills. As a graduate, you'll have completed your online course while working and managing your commitments. You'll show employers that you've put in the effort to complete assignments without letting it affect your work, proving you've got what it takes to succeed.  

You have great communication skills - Taking an online course requires good written communication skills. It also requires skills in networking and collaborating with fellow students and teachers. Through your course you'll learn to communicate and collaborate via email and social networks. In our technology-driven world, communication is becoming more and more reliant on the internet, even in the workplace. High-level communication skills are in demand by employers from all industries.  

You are ready for a technology-driven workplace - Workplaces are becoming more and more technology-driven. Organisations are reaching out to their customers and partners through a variety of online networks, from Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and SlideShare. Companies and professionals are blogging about their services and expertise. Your ability to connect, network and maintain relationships will help you succeed in your online course. These skills can also help you land your next job.  

Now that you know how employers value your online qualification, it's time to take the next step.  

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