Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q - Is online learning right for me?

A - Taking courses online isn't for everyone; it takes motivation, self-discipline, good time-management skills, and basic technology skills. If you are not sure whether online courses are right for you, you may want to start by taking a blended course, where some of the work is done online and some is done in class.

Q - Why take online college classes?

A - Online college classes may be a good fit for a variety of reasons. They provide maximum flexibility for busy students. If you feel uncomfortable in a traditional class, you will be able to participate in a very different way online. And you can adjust the time you spend on the course according to the difficulty of the material.

Q - How can I be sure I will be comfortable with an online college program?

A - During the enquiry process, you may discuss all your concerns with our e-tutors via email or our Live Chat on our website. Before beginning your first online course, you may try our Fun Merchant Shipping Quiz so you can see what the exams will look like. We want you to be sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Q - What types of students choose online classes?

A - Our online students come from many different backgrounds. Many are earning diplomas while managing other responsibilities such as jobs, families, and community involvement. Some are deployed military personnel. Others live far from campus, or simply like to attend class in their pajamas.

Q - Is an online course more work than a classroom course?

A - An online class may require as much or more time and effort than a traditional class. It depends on the course and your learning style.

Q - Is ShippingCollege an accredited online college?

A - Global accreditation and membership - our courses are accredited and recognised by The World Shipping Institute www.worldshippinginstitute.com. ShippingCollege is on the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRL). Our UKRL Provider Reference Number is: 10053609.

Q - What Internet experience do I need?

A - Most students in online classes are already comfortable using the Internet. If you are unsure of your readiness, contact us. A representative will provide more information on require skills.

Q - Do I need to own a computer?

A - We recommend that you have access to a computer on a daily basis. If you do not own a computer, we encourage you to have several options to ensure reliable access.

Q - Do I need high speed Internet access for my online classes?

A - We recommend high speed internet access so you can access all course materials and to complete your online exams without being disconnected.

Q - When should I start?

A - As soon as your ready with your payment and time set aside for your course.

Q - How do I begin?

A - Have a look at our courses and ask our Live Chat for assistance should you have any questions.

Q - Should I use an online or a email application?

A - You may choose which option you prefer

Q - How do I enrol with ShippingCollege?

A - You need to complete your online application or email us your application.

Q - Who do I contact if I have questions about which program is right for me?

A - You may ask our well trained course leaders on our Live Chat Button on our website or email us on [email protected] for assistance.

Q - Where do I find the online application?

A - All the online applications are on the Courses or Purchase Your Course pages on our website.

Q - Can I take courses without pursuing a diploma?

A - Yes, you can register for any certificate course individually. On successful completion you will receive an e-certificate via email which you may print on a professional looking cardboard.

Q - Who teaches online courses?

A - Members of our online faculty have industry experience as well as academic degrees. Their real-world credentials enrich course materials and one-on-one feedback. They have completed special training in online education. We are recognised as training professionals. Our professional licences, associations and memberships help keep us in touch with the shipping community, the same shipping community that we are training you to join or assist your growth within it..

Q - Will my diploma indicate that I took my courses online?

A - No. Your diploma will not indicate whether courses were taken online or on-campus.

Q - What technology skills do I need to take online courses?

A - Students are more likely to be successful if they possess the following technology skills before starting their online classes:

   - Know how to use a mouse and keyboard to select and start programs, and to enter information.

   - Know how to send and receive messages using e-mail.

   - Know how to connect to the Internet and use a web browser to locate information on the Internet.

   - Know how to create and manage folders on a computer, including finding, uploading, downloading, and saving individual files.

   - Know how to use word processing software such as Microsoft Word to create, edit, and email your assignment for the diploma course.

Q - Do I need special software on my computer to take online courses?

A - ShippingCollege courses are web-based so they require no special software to access the courses.

Q - How do I get access to the e-campus?

A - You will receive an username and password to our e-campus once you complete your registration and payment with ShippingCollege

Q - May I start an online course at any time?

A - All our courses start on a Monday.

Q - How will I access my online classes?

A - You will use our e-campus login, our online academic delivery platform, to download course content and conduct your online exams.

Q - What does the course fee include?

A - The course fee is all inclusive, we do not charge a separate admissions fee. You are allowed to rewrite exams at a fee of USD10 per exam and USD40 for final exams .

Q - Are there any hidden costs?

A - No hidden costs. The cost of the course is as per the website, only rewrite fees would be additional.

Q - How do online classes work?

A - Instead of attending lectures on-campus, online students log onto their e-campus and find all their course material listed there. The course notes are in a PDF format, we don't offer video or live webinars. You'll also be able to submit your assignment, email your e-Tutor and take online exams. While students can choose when and where they work, there are usually deadlines for exams.

Q - What support services are available for online students?

A - You may email your e-tutor with any questions during working hours. He/she will be happy to assist with any course or exam related questions.

Q - Will I use textbooks?

A - All our courses are custom designed for the relevant industries and you will download the PDF coures notes via our e-campus. There is no requirement to purchase textbooks.

Q - How do I take exams?

A - Your e-campus will show the hyperlink to your exam under Assessments, you will conduct your exam online via our website. These exams are timed and are a mixture of multiple choice and input questions (where you type in the answer).

Q - Is it important to meet deadlines for my classes?

A - Yes! Meeting deadlines is a skill valued by employers. A typical online class will require you, by 8am each Monday, to complete an exam online and to prepare for your next exam for the following Monday. However, we do understand that work or personal demands may sometimes require you to request and extension which we would approve.

Q - Do I have to be online at specific times?

A - No. Log in at your convenience, as long as you meet your deadlines for your online exams.

Q - What happens if I need to postpone my course due to personal reasons or work demands?

A - You may contact your e-tutor via email and discuss it with them. We understand that "life happens" and we assist you where we can.

Q - Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

A - As long as you have not received any course material you may cancel your registration and obtain a refund.