How to stand out at work

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10 Ways to Stand Out at Work

These tips will help you stand out at work in a good way.

Tip 1: Have a Positive Attitude

With so many people going to work with a horrible attitude, and dreading each day, you can stand out in your job if you approach it with a positive attitude. Consider the time you spend at work to be your way of contributing to society, and enjoy it.

Tip 2: Work Well on a Team

A good way to stand out at work is to be a good team player. If you keep your team of people on-task and do a good job maintaining harmony on the team, you will be noticed as a valuable asset to your company.

Tip 3: Communicate Well With Others

Much of working well in a team requires good communication. When you are working on a project that involves other employees, make sure to stay on top of communication, letting them know how you are doing, asking for help if you need it, and helping them so you can turn out a final product that represents all of your best work.

Tip 4: Be Prompt, or Even Early

If you are at work 5 minutes before everybody else is, your boss will be sure to notice you more, and will never be left wondering where you are. On the other hand, if you are late, you will stand out, but in a bad way.

Tip 5: Complete Tasks Quickly

If you are always finishing up what you need to do and asking your boss and fellow employees what else you can be doing to help, or taking on more clients (or however your job works), you will stand out as a valuable employee.

Tip 6: Never Address Personal Matters on the Clock

Many employees spend time during their work day on the phone or email with friends and family members, or surfing the net. You will stand out if you are always staying on task and consider your time at work to actually be work time.

Tip 7: Be Diligent

In addition to taking time at work to address personal matters, many employees just take time to sit and daydream, or talk with others. If you are diligent and staying on task, you are likely to get a lot of work done quite quickly, which will help you to stand out at work.

Tip 8: Bring Sweet Treats

Everybody loves a homemade cookie every once in a while, or leftovers of a birthday cake that was far too big. As sad as it is, sugar makes friends.

Tip 9: Care for Your Co-Workers

When somebody is going through a crisis, and you are the one who always is there to lend a hand or offer some love and encouragement, you will begin to stand out in the office as a necessary asset.

Tip 10: Do Excellent Work

This goes without saying, but probably the best way to stand out at work is to do a good job. If your work is well-done, on time, and above the standards at the company, you will stand out as an excellent employee.

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