Opportunity and Preparation

career advice courses personal development Feb 01, 2022

“Luck is when the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet” my favourite quote by Seneca, a first-century Roman philosopher.

This is true for you if you take the time and financial investment in your studies to achieve your certificate or diploma in your chosen career.

By improving yourself continuously, you can become an authority in your field. Next to job satisfaction, the better you get, the more job opportunities arise.

When holding a certificate or diploma your horizon broadens. Even with today’s gloomy job market, you are more likely to find a good position with a company than someone who is not certified.

Certificates and diplomas will keep you competitive in your current position and are considered jewels on your resume.

There is a new generation of discerning employers who have the luxury of demanding very specific skills and qualifications. Employers are looking for those people who have proven that they are dedicated, committed and have a strong knowledge base supported by credentials.

Your qualification gives you credibility and shows discipline and commitment.

"Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself". Chinese Proverb

Education is the obvious option for those who want to improve upon their skill-set for their current role, or gain the necessary qualifications for a more senior position. Education is important to achieve these goals.

Education can increase your earning potential and career options. Generally speaking, the level and quality of education you obtain is related to the salary and the range of career options available to you.

So educating yourself gives you a good chance of earning more, and will give you more opportunities moving forward.

I'd say another benefit is the mental stimulation that learning provides, and the satisfaction of gaining more knowledge!

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