Will your employer fund your studies?

career advice courses funding Apr 01, 2021

Employer-sponsored programs allow individuals to advance their career without having to foot the bill. In many cases, employers will pay part or all of an employee’s fees, making it a great way of gaining a relevant qualification that will help your future prospects.

What is more, the arrangement works both ways: you get to study for a qualification that will improve your performance and your long-term career progression, and your employer benefits from a more productive and better-motivated employee. However, convincing your employer to fund your study is not always easy. You need to be able to convince them that the qualification you want to undertake is worth investing in. While most graduate employers have a positive commitment to career training and development, much depends on the company you work for.

But what if your company doesn’t have any sponsored programs?

You may still be able to convince your employer that a further qualification would be advantageous to both them and you, but you will have to make a detailed proposal that clearly demonstrates how both parties will benefit.

The first person you should speak to is your line manager, but you should also be prepared to make your case to other senior members of staff.

It is important that you show your manager that you have done your research, and that you have identified a range of possible options. Critically, you will need to be able to demonstrate how the qualification will fit into your longer-term career development within the company.

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