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The Benefits of Online Corporate Training

For those organisations that are seizing the power of online corporate training, results are profound.

A study by IBM showed that every $1 spent on online learning, a company gains $30 worth of productivity. This is great news for enterprises of any industry and size.

The benefits of moving the offline classroom to an online one for delivering corporate training courses are a lot. Some of them are obvious, while others are not.

Some of the advantages of online corporate training including the following:

- It provides the best ROI for corporate training.
- It makes corporate training more flexible and convenient.
- It provides quality training that is consistent and standardized.
- It translates learning materials to meet the needs of a multilingual workforce easily and more effectively.
- It allows an eco-friendly delivery of training – reducing CO2 emissions by 85% and consuming 90% less on energy.
- It increases employee retention rates by up to 60%.
- It boosts an organization’s competitive edge through refreshed and up-to-date knowledge.

Why brand a course?

Your staff are your brand.

Your staff are your brand ambassadors.

All of your employees will play a crucial part in managing your brand because they can affect what customers and colleagues think of your business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they understand your brand and believe in what it stands for. If they do, their actions will communicate this to other colleagues and customers.

Employees can become emotionally attached to brands, allowing for strong loyalties and even a sense of ownership. This can help maintain employee motivation and increase your sales.

Corporate Partnership
A choice of one of our Diploma courses with your branding on the course material

What do you get?
We will conduct a training needs assessment and consolidate your company branding into your training program.

This will include a designated key account owner to liaise with a key nominated person in your organisation to assist in identifying your training needs and formulating your branding message.

With this feedback we will customise your training program to encompass your:

Company branding
a choice of one of our Diploma courses
The course requires the student to complete a number of online exams and when they pass we issue a Diploma for that course.

The modules will have your brand and logo on the top of the pages to customise them so your staff feels the impact of your brand and logo while training. Our details will be listed at the bottom of the page. View a sample of a branded course below.

What will it cost you?

We require a minimum commitment of 20 students per annum. Discounts are offered if more are committed.

50% deposit for the 20 students.

We will need you to prepare and provide your branding for the course material.

Terms and conditions apply

How will it be rolled out?

The student would need access to a computer with internet access and time to study. If you wish you may request that they complete this in their own time ie lunch breaks or after work hours.

We would need you to provide us with the information of your employees and we will provide them with a username and password which will allow them access to download the course material from our e-Campus into a print format which they may file for study purposes

When they have completed the learning phase they are required to attempt an online exam on the course material. There are a number of exams they would need to complete during the course of the program. They are also required to complete final online exam which encompasses all the course material and an assignment at the end of the course.

The required pass rate is 65%.

On passing the course they will receive a Diploma.

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