Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma

This course will cover the Global Shipping and Sales to prepare a Sales Executive in the industry. This course is also suitable for Sales Representatives wanting to join the Shipping Industry.

The Maritime Industry is a global industry offering challenging and exciting job opportunities.


There are 10 Modules for this diploma course:

1. Shipping Terminology

2. International Trade and Maritime Shipping

3. Containerisation

4. Vessels, Cargo Types and Transport Modes

5. International Contracts and Payments

6. International Customs and Shipping Documents

7. Shipping Role Players

8. Incoterms 2020

9. Customer Service Skills

10. Sales and Customer Relationship Management

Full Upfront Payments


Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


Six Monthly Payments of


Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


Pay as You Go Payment Plan

$80 x 10

Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


How does it work? 


With the successful completion of this Diploma course you will be able to: 

- Secure a position in the Maritime Shipping Sales industry,

- Be eligible for advancement within your company,

- Be confident that you are professionally trained and equipped for the Maritime Shipping Sales industry.


Six month’s part time or six weeks full time for the Maritime Shipping Diploma.

Part time studies - where you study part time in the evenings and on weekends using our online training program.

Full time studies - when you take time off work to study full time using our online training program.

Recommended study time set aside – for Part Time Studies we would recommend that you would need to set aside 3 to 4 hours a week and for Full Time Studies 12 to 16 hours a week. The time will vary depending on the students original knowledge of the course material. The time needed to complete the course will vary depending on the students original knowledge of the course material.


Study Plan and Assessment - Each week you will be sent an email notifying you of your Study Plan and Assessment program. You will then access your e-campus to complete your studies.

PDF Course Notes - A soft copy of your full course module in a PDF format will be available on your e-Campus for you to download. You will then be able to print a hard copy for study purposes if you choose. There are two exams for each course module. Please note we don't offer video lessons for our courses.

Online Exams - all your online exams are completed on your e-Campus.


Personal e-Tutor - You will be nominated a personal e-Tutor, all communication with your e-Tutor will be done via email.

Personal Course Plan - Your may download and save a Personal Course Schedule Spreadsheet from your e-Campus, you can record your progress on this document.

Past Exam Papers – You have one free past exam paper with model answers at the end of your PDF course notes (except the Terminology or Foundation Courses). This will assist you in preparing for your exams.

Study Tips for Exams – You can read about our study tips on your e-Campus.

Fun Merchant Shipping Quiz – You can try out our fun quiz to experience what your exams will “look and feel” like.


- Course E-Campus - this is where you will access your course notes and complete all your exams online.


- English language, all courses are written in English as this is the primary language of global business.

- Computer, internet connection and printer (should you wish to print the course notes).

- A valid e-mail address and

- Time set aside to study as per the course requirements.


Sum total of all your Pilot exams = 40% of your final mark.  Two online exams with a time limit will be required to be completed for each module.

Assignment = 20% of your final mark. An assignment at the end of the diploma course is required, the assignment will be sent to you via e-mail and you need to submit this back to your Tutor for grading and feedback.

Final exam = 40% of your final mark. Your final exam will be conducted online with a time limit and will encompass all your course material.

Final mark = 100%

Pass mark = 65%

In the event you fail an exam during your course you may rewrite your exam at the end of your course at a fee of USD15 per exam.


On successfully passing your Diploma course you will be sent an e-Diploma Certificate via email.

Should you wish to receive an original Diploma there is an additional production cost of usd80 which you may request and make payment at the end of your course.

We use Royal Mail postal service for delivery.

Full Upfront Payments


Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


Six Monthly Payments of


Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


Pay as You Go Payment Plan

$80 x 10

Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma


Justina Ng

The Maritime Shipping Sales diploma course was a real eye opener. I am new to the industry so it has helped me get up to speed with my colleagues and equip me to be a better sales person in this unique industry. The thought of shipping is no longer as daunting as before.

Simi Munilal

I enjoyed the online accessibility and timelines of ShippingCollege. The course content was relevant and valuable. The assignment was most engaging aspect for me which really tested my comprehension of the course content comprehensively.

Pranab Goyal

The program provides participants with the necessary tools to improve their shipping and sales knowledge. I was able to obtain a new sense of confidence from this course. I highly recommend ShippingCollege especially the Maritime Shipping Sales Diploma which I completed.