Your payment can be processed by PayPal in 5 easy steps.

Pay in 5 easy steps

Step 1 - Please visit the PayPal website. Select "Send Payment" and use [email protected] as the receiver’s email address. This is our unique identifier (like a bank account number) in the PayPal system.

Step 2 - Enter the desired amount and choose your currency.

Step 3 - Select your payment type – ‘Online purchases’

Step 4 - Click ‘Continue’ – you’ll be prompted to log in to your account to confirm your transfer.

Step 5 - PayPal will notify your recipient ie ShippingCollege, via email that they have received your funds.

Alternatively we can send you a PayPal “Request for Payment” invoice, send us an email with your unique PayPal email address and we will send you a request for payment.

Once we have received your payment we will e-mail you to confirm your payment and begin your enrolment.

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