Andre Isidore Wang

Success does not only come from great course material but also from a dedicated e-Tutor. Thank you for taking the time to help me during my training and to have accompanied me in mastering my knowledge. I have been promoted twice since completing this course. First as assistant documentation manager and thereafter I became the documentation manager. Thank you ShippingCollege. Maritime Shipping Diploma - Dauala, Cameroon.

Jose Alvarez

This is one of the best courses I've ever completed. I have improved my knowledge in the Freight Forwarding industry, along with learning invaluable techniques for working in a Freight Forwarding office. As I am new to Freight Forwarding this was just what I needed. The course was able to present complex topics in an easy to understand manner and relevant to my day to day work environment. Clearing and Forwarding Diploma - Miami, India.

Yusuf Zoza

For online studying I would highly recommend ShippingCollege. This college has transformed my career life in the shipping industry. I have learnt so much. I now stand out amongst my colleges in my company and I feel very confidence after successfully completing my Maritime Shipping Diploma and Global Logistics Diploma. May I thank my e-tutor who guided me throughout my course duration. Thank you ShippingCollege. Global Logistics Diploma - Kenya.

Maxwell Decent Maphosa

For me this course was life changing, as I read through my course notes I could see myself getting enriched with relevant knowledge and expertise.  Thank you ShippingCollege for the knowledge you have imparted to me in this very valuable course. Maritime Shipping Diploma - Zimbabwe.

Geofrey Kafeero

Completing my Clearing and Forwarding diploma with ShippingCollege has helped me become invaluable in providing logistics solutions to our clients. Complex topics are simplified in a more elaborate and practical way making it easy to understand. Excellent and timely support throughout the course. Thank you ShippingCollege. Clearing and Forwarding Diploma - 

Mark Zammit

The Global Logistics Diploma was the best option for me as I work full time in the pharmaceutical industry. Course material was not only comprehensive, but easy to understand and spread out logically. The support from my e-tutor was very effective. I highly recommend this course for industry professionals to further their knowledge on logistics. I would like to emphasis how helpful my e-tutor was and how professional the college's services have been. I have already recommended this college to my colleagues. Global Logistics Diploma - Malta.

Ngah Wanneh Mbave

My experience at ShippingCollage was a great one. I rose from a level of complete ignorance to that of mastery of the basic knowledge and concepts about Global Logistics. I can describe the course as simplistic and easy to assimilate even for those who have never had any prior knowledge about logistics. I am very thankful for the time effort and supervision my e-tutor gave me throughout my study at ShippingCollege it was a great and knowledge enriching experience for me. Thanks ShippingCollege. Global Logistics Diploma - Cameroon

Susan Klauser

ShippingCollege is the best College to study with. I enjoyed the course like it was live in classroom. I am a single mother of three young kids and I managed to study with them because the College Team were so friendly, flexible and co-operative! My Tutor was the best Tutor I have ever had. I would advice single mothers to study a profession with ShippingCollege if you are interested in this field. They give you freedom to study and they don't stress! They are so flexible.  ShippingCollege I will be returning. Clearing and Forwarding Diploma - Switzerland

Benoy Koshy

I completed the Maritime Shipping Diploma with ShippingCollege and it has really helped me in my career. My shipping knowledge improved from 10% to 90%. This course has been really fruitful to me and my future. Wishing ShippingCollege all the success. Maritime Shipping Diploma - Kuwait

Miya Lombard

The online tutor genuinely cared about my success. I would like to say thank you, this course was excellent and should be offered to every new person in my company. I can honestly say my expectations were exceeded. Clearing and Forwarding Diploma - Austria

Royston Maphewe

The knowledge that I have gained has tremendously helped me in my field of work and it is something that has given me confidence. My perspective has changed and I now see things differently as I am able to make sound judgment in my decisions. Thank you ShippingCollege. Global Logistics Diploma - Zambia

Leida Ouegnimaoua

While studying with ShippingCollege I found the tutorials extremely valuable. My e-tutors teaching style was flexible, which is excellent for someone who works full time. I would certainly recommend ShippingCollege for anyone who is trying to refresh their knowledge on the industry or develop his/her expertise further. Maritime Shipping Diploma - Luxemborg